Standing Firm in Grace: Love your brothers, Bless others

May 12, 2013 Speaker: Gary Series: Standing Firm in Grace

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:8–3:12

1 Peter: Standing firm in grace

Love your brothers, bless others

1 Peter 3:8-12

Those who love fellow Christians and bless others have eternal life

1) Be like-minded, sympathetic, with brotherly love, be compassionate and humble, 3:8.

2) Don’t repay evil for evil, but bless as you were called, to inherit a blessing, 3:9.

3) If you want to experience eternal life, stop speaking evil and deceit, 3:10.

4) If you want to experience eternal life, turn from evil, do good, seek and pursue peace 3:11.

5) The Lord’s favor is on the righteous, but He will judge the wicked, 3:12.