Standing Firm in Grace:1 Peter Series

July 7, 2013 Speaker: Gary Series: Standing Firm in Grace

Scripture: 1 Peter 5:6–5:14

1 Peter: Standing firm in grace

Stand firm in God’s grace

1 Peter 5:6-14

Stand firm in God’s grace through faith as you suffer, as this leads to glory

1) Humble yourselves under God’s power so He may exalt you when Christ returns, 5:6

2) Humble yourselves by giving your anxieties to God, because He cares for you, 5:7.

3) Your enemy the devil seeks to destroy your faith so be clear-headed and alert, 5:8.

4) Resist the devil, steadfast in faith, knowing Christians throughout the world also suffer, 5:9.

5) The God of grace who called you to glory in Christ, will confirm you after you suffer, 5:10.

6) Let God’s eternal sovereign power be evident to all forever, 5:11.

7) The grace of God sustains your faith through suffering for final glory: stand firm in it, 5:12.

8) As God’s chosen express love to one another and the peace you have in Christ, 5:13-14.