God's kindness and severity

September 13, 2015 Speaker: Gary Series: Romans: The Gospel for God's Glory

Scripture: Romans 11:16–24

Romans: The Gospel for God’s glory
Romans 11:16-24
God’s kindness and severity
Don’t be arrogant but continue in God’s kindness to include you with his people

1) If Israel’s fathers and God’s promises to them are holy, so are the Israelites holy, 11:16.
The dough offered as first fruits & the root = Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and God’s promise of blessing to them and through them. The whole batch & the branches = Israelites. What is Paul’s point?

2) If some Israelites were rejected and Gentiles were included as God’s people, don’t be arrogant, 11:17-18a.
Why might Paul need to warn Gentile “wild olive shoots” not to be arrogant against Israelite “branches” broken off from the “Olive tree” = God’s people? Why is religious pride the worst kind?

3) If you are arrogant, you don’t support God’s saving promise, but it supports you, 11:18b.
How does this verse exhort Gentile Christians not to be arrogant against Israelites who were “broken off” from God’s people?

4) Then you will say, “Israelites were rejected so I might be included in God’s people”, 11:19.

5) True. They were rejected because of unbelief, but you stand by faith. Don’t be arrogant, but fear, 11:20.
How does this verse exhort Gentile Christians not to be arrogant against Israelites who were “broken off” from God’s people?

6) If God didn’t spare the Israelites who were “naturally” his, neither will he spare you, 11:21.

7) Note God’s severity on those who fell, but God’s kindness on you, if continue in it, else you will be cut off, 11:22.
Do Paul’s words about standing in faith (v.20) to continue in God’s kindness or else be cut off, mean that a true believer in Christ, might quit believing and not be saved in the end? To help answer, see the following verses. Verses that confirm we must persevere in faith to be saved: 1 Corinthians 15:1-2; Colossians 1:21-23; Hebrews 3:14. Verses that confirm God will keep us saved: Philippians 1:6; 1 Corinthians 1:8; Romans 8:30. In light of these passages, how does considering God’s kindness (grace) and severity keep us persevering in faith? In other words, how do we live in light of both God’s grace promises and warnings?

8) If Israelites don’t continue in unbelief, God is able and willing to include them, 11:23.

9) If you were “unnaturally” included with God’s people, much more will Israelites be included as they are “naturally” God’s people, 11:24.
Explain 11:23-24. What should be our attitude toward the Jews?

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