From rejection to resurrection

September 6, 2015 Speaker: Gary Series: Romans: The Gospel for God's Glory

Scripture: Romans 11:11–16

Romans: The Gospel for God’s glory
Romans 11:11-16
From rejection to resurrection
God’s rejection of Israel was to bring salvation and resurrection for the world

1) Israel’s rejection of Christ has not resulted in permanent rejection by God, 11:11a.

2) By Israel’s sin salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel jealous, 11:11b.
How does v.11 describe how God is working out his plan of redemption in history?

3) If Israel’s failure means riches for the world, much more will their fullness bring, 11:12.
What was Israel’s “failure”? What will their fullness be (compare v.25, “the fullness of the Gentiles”)? Israel’s “fullness” will mean “much more” than what for the world? (v.15 will add more to what Paul is talking about here).

4) As apostle to the Gentiles, Paul magnifies his ministry to make Jews jealous and save some, 11:13-14.
How does Paul explain how his role as apostle to the Gentiles relates to Israel? What do you think of God using jealousy to advance the gospel?

5) If Israel’s rejection means reconciliation for the world, their acceptance will mean resurrection, 11:15.
Read v.12 again and then explain what Paul is saying in v.15. Again, what is God’s plan for history according to vss. 12-15? How should we live and pray in light of God’s plan?

6) If the first fruits is holy, so is the whole batch; if the root is holy, so are the branches, 11:16.
The dough offered as first fruits & the root = Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and God’s promise of blessing to them and through them. The whole batch & the branches = Israelites. What is Paul’s point in this verse? Why is it so important that Israel’s future “fullness” and “acceptance” be based on God’s promise to the patriarchs? What difference does this make to us today?

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