Chosen by Grace

August 23, 2015 Speaker: Gary Series: Romans: The Gospel for God's Glory

Scripture: Romans 11:1–10

Romans: The Gospel for God’s glory
Romans 11:1-10
Chosen by grace
God has chosen a remnant of Israel by grace, but the rest were hardened

1) God has not rejected his people for Paul himself is an Israelite-one of the remnant, 11:1.
How does Paul use himself as proof that God has not rejected Israel?

2) God has not rejected his people on whom he set his covenant love, 11:2a.
What does Paul mean by saying God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew?

3) Elijah pled to God of Israel, “Lord they’ve killed your prophets and only I am left,” 11:2b-3.

4) As God kept a remnant of Israel for himself in Elijah’s day, 11:4.

5) As in Elijah’s day, so now God has kept a remnant of Israel, chosen by grace, 11:5.
How does Paul’s example from Elijah (1 Kings 19:10, 14) illustrate God’s not rejecting Israel?

6) If election is by grace, it can’t be based on works, or grace is no longer grace, 11:6.
Why have any Jews at all been saved? Why are any Gentiles saved? What does it mean that we are chosen by grace?

7) Israel did not obtain righteousness; the elect did, but the rest were hardened, 11:7.
What was Israel seeking that it did not obtain (9:31; 10:3)? Why did some Jews obtain it and others did not?

8) Isaiah & Moses say God gave Israel a spirit of stupor-spiritual blindness and deafness, 11:8.
Paul quotes from Isaiah 29:10 and Deuteronomy 29:4. What is Paul saying was the nature of God’s hardening of the non-elect of Israel?

9) David says let their good things be a snare and a trap and a stumbling block, 11:9.

10) David says let them be spiritually blind and bent over in shame, 11:10.
Paul quotes Psalm 69:22-23. What is the nature off the judgment he says the non-elect deserve?
How should we respond to the truth of God’s electing grace in light of his judgments?

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