Christ's triumph over Adam's sin

April 12, 2015 Speaker: Gary Series: Romans: The Gospel for God's Glory

Scripture: Romans 5:12–21

Romans: The Gospel for God’s glory
Romans 5:12-21
Christ’s triumph over Adam’s sin
Christ’s obedience overcomes our sin and death that resulted from Adam’s sin

1) Sin and death came into the world through Adam, 5:12.
“Death spread to all men because all sinned” could mean that when Adam sinned all humanity sinned in him as he was head (representative) of the whole human race. Or it could be translated “death spread to all men on the basis of which all sinned.” This would mean since Adam died spiritually all people were born spiritually dead and so all sinned. Either way, how does this truth about sin and death’s origin offer a better hope than the view that sin and death are just part of being human?

2) Sin was in the world before the law since death reigned from Adam to Moses, 5:13-14.
Sin was not counted as a transgression of God’s revealed law before it was given. Death ruled over those who did not sin by transgressing a revealed command from God, like Adam did. In what way was Adam a type (foreshadowing) of Christ?

3) The grace of Christ for people is greater than the result of Adam’s sin for people, 5:15-17.
What are ways that Paul says Christ and what he did for us not like Adam and what he did?

4) Adam’s sin led to condemnation but Christ’s obedience leads to righteousness and life, 5:18-19.
What do these verses say about how Christ overcame the effects of Adam’s sin for us?

5) The law came in to increase sin, but where it increased, grace abounded more, 5:20.
Why was the law given?

6) As sin reigned in death, grace also reigns through righteousness to eternal life, 5:21.
What does v.21 say the result was of grace abounding over the increased sin?
Overall, why do we need to know the truths of this passage? How does this passage give us hope?

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