When God's People Dishonor Him

February 22, 2015 Speaker: Gary Series: Romans: The Gospel for God's Glory

Scripture: Romans 2:17–29

Romans: The Gospel for God’s glory
Romans 2:17-29
When God’s people dishonor him
God’s people dishonor him by having his word and not obeying it by the Spirit

1) God’s people dishonor him when they boast in God’s law, teach it, and break it, 2:17-24.
Paul says the Jews had privileges and resulting benefits to offer the world. Describe how Paul says they dishonor God. Have you seen or do you know of examples of this kind of hypocrisy among Christians?

2) Covenant signs are valuable if we obey God’s law but we nullify them by breaking it, 2:25.
Circumcision was the sign of God’s covenant with Israel (Genesis 17:9-14). So what is Paul’s point in this verse? Apply this to our current Christian culture, specifically baptism.

3) One who has not been one of God’s people will be if he obeys God’s law, 2:26.
What does it mean for a Gentile’s circumcision to be regarded as circumcision?

4) The outsiders who keep the law will be witness against God’s people who break it, 2:27.

5) No one is truly of God’s people only outwardly, nor is the covenant sign just outward, 2:28.

6) A true member of God’s people is one inwardly, who has a new heart by the Spirit, 2:29.
How this verse explain what it is to be a true Jew? Because what Paul taught in 25-27, how does this help us understand the way obeying God relates to our salvation? (i.e., is obedience necessary because it earns salvation or because it evidences salvation?)
Why is the heart so central to the obedience God wants?

7) The praise for a true member of God’s people is from God not man, 2:29.
Why did Paul say this? How do we struggle with valuing how we appear before people rather than God?

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