Prayer for a Gospel Visit

January 11, 2015 Speaker: Gary Series: Romans: The Gospel for God's Glory

Scripture: Romans 1:8–15

Romans: The Gospel for God’s glory
Romans 1:8-15
Prayer for a gospel visit
Paul wants to preach the gospel in Rome to increase obedience of faith among the nations

What is the gospel? God rescues people from His judgment into peace with God, through Jesus, so they can live forever with Him in His new creation. Or, God’s holy stubbornness NOT to accept ruin, and his outlandish generosity to put all things right through Jesus.”

1) Paul thanks God for the Romans because their faith is proclaimed in the whole world, 1:8.
Why did Paul thank God for the Roman church? What is valuable about our faith being known in our community and beyond? How has God strategically placed you so your faith is known?

2) God is Paul’s witness whom Paul serves in the gospel that he always prays for them, 1:9.
How does what we do or love for the sake of the gospel fill and fuel our prayers?

3) Paul has been praying that he may finally succeed by God’s will in coming to them, 1:10.

4) Paul longs to see them to strengthen them spiritually, 1:11.
Do you find yourself running out of spiritual strength? In what ways? What do you need to have your strength restored?

5) Paul longs to see them that they may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, 1:12.
What are ways we can encourage each other by our faith?

6) Paul has often intended to come to them to have some harvest among them, 1:13.

7) Paul sees himself as under gospel obligation to both cultured and uncultured, 1:14.
What was Paul’s obligation to bring the gospel to Gentiles of all types? What is our obligation to bring the gospel to others? What are some ways we can do this?

8) Paul is eager to preach the gospel to the Roman Gentiles, 1:15.
Why do even those who are already Christians regularly need to hear the gospel?

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