A Church Devoted

April 5, 2020 Speaker: Matt

Scripture: Acts 2:42–47

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Singing and/or listening to songs:

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Spending some time praying together 

Instead of letting the pandemic and quarantine breed anxiety and fear in your heart each time it comes to your mind, turn those thoughts and moments into prayer for medical professionals, grocery store workers, those susceptible to the coronavirus, our government leaders, and whoever else you may think to pray for. Pray also for yourself, that the Spirit would use this to deepen your faith and trust in him. 

Thinking through or discussing the following:

  1. As a household, think through one way you want to practice devotion to Christ this week together (i.e. teaching, fellowship, prayer, breaking bread).
  2. What are ways you can participate in "giving fellowship" with God's people during the quarantine?
  3. What are ways we can be light to the world during this pandemic?
  4. Consider memorizing Acts 2:42-47.