Do not be anxious

March 22, 2020 Speaker: Pastor Greg

Scripture: Matthew 6:25–34

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Singing and/or listening to songs:

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Spending some time praying together:

  1. Start by giving thanks. 
  2. Pray for our world, government leaders, medical professionals, families, global economies, your neighbors, those who are lonely or anxious, those who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

Thinking through or discussing the following:

  1. What do you find yourself worrying about?
  2. What truth from today's passage helps you to not be anxious?
  3. What does it look like to seek God's kingdom in your new normal?
  4. Consider memorizing Matthew 6:33 (or the whole passage!).
  5. Greg talked about the "Wisdom Pyramid" (see below); we encourage you to spend some time reflecting on what your pyramid really looks like. 


Click here for a link to the article that contains the Charles Spurgeon quote Greg read.