Why discipleship?

May 1, 2016 Speaker: Gary Series: Discipleship

Topic: Discipleship Scripture: Matthew 28:16–20

Why discipleship?
Matthew 28:16-20
Jesus calls every Christian to mature as his disciple and to have a part in making disciples

What is discipleship? Discipleship is becoming like Jesus Christ in our heart, mind, and actions.

1) Why this series on discipleship?
From Matthew 28:16-20, what are reasons discipleship is so central to the life and ministry of the church? What does Jesus promise as his disciples make disciples who make disciples?
What does Jesus say are the three elements of making disciples? How do each of these three elements impact making disciples?
Do you agree that everything the church does is to contribute to making and maturing disciples of Jesus? Why or why not?

2) What is a disciple? (Are you a disciple of Jesus?)
The word “disciple” means “learner; a student who follows a teacher.” In the book of Acts, all believers in Christ are called “disciples.” What does it mean to follow Jesus? What does John 8:31 say is characteristic of true disciples?
What does Jesus say in Luke 14:25-27, 33 and 9:23-25 about what it is to be his disciple?
Discipleship is the ongoing process of submitting all of life to Jesus, and seeing him saturate your entire life and world with his presence and power. It’s a process of daily growing in your awareness of your need for him in the everyday stuff of life. It is walking with Jesus, being filled with Jesus, and being led by Jesus in every place and in every way.
What does Jesus say in John 15:8 is proof of being his disciple? What are examples of fruit?

3) Jesus calls every Christian to have a part in making disciples.
What does Jesus say in John 13:34-35 will display that we are his disciples? What kinds of things does this mean that we will be learning to obey?
Why is discipleship more effective in the context of sharing life together, serving one another and in engaging in mission together?
How can you intentionally sow the word of God into your relationships? How can you serve, show hospitality, and pray to help others become disciples or mature as disciples? How can the church nurture a culture of discipleship?
Do your life practices and priorities demonstrate you want to grow in Christ? Does Jesus set the agenda for your life or do you?

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