The birth of Jesus the Messiah

December 14, 2014 Speaker: Gary Series: Jesus: Origins

Topic: Christmas Scripture: Matthew 1:18–25

Jesus: origins
Matthew 1:18-25
The birth of Jesus the Messiah
Jesus the Messiah was conceived by the Holy Spirit and adopted by Joseph, son of David

From 1:16, why go through all the trouble to show Jesus is a descendant of David through Joseph if Joseph is not his father? This passage solves this “problem”.

1) While engaged to Joseph, Mary is found to be pregnant from the Holy Spirit, 1:18.

2) Joseph is righteous and so to not shame Mary, decides to divorce her privately, 1:19.
Describe how Joseph’s response show him to be a righteous man. Reflect on his emotional struggle.

3) An angel appears to Joseph in a dream saying Mary conceived from the Holy Spirit, 1:20.

4) The angel tells Joseph to call the son Jesus for he will save his people from their sins, 1:21.
What does Jesus’ name say about his mission? How did that differ from the popular expectation of his day? Of our day?

5) Jesus’ birth took place to fulfill “the virgin will bear a son they’ll call Immanuel”, 1:22-23.
Explain how Matthew has seen Jesus’ conception and future “name” as fulfilling Isaiah 7:14.
The angel says the baby is to be named Jesus; Matthew says Isaiah 7:14 is fulfilled by calling the virgin-conceived son Immanuel. Explain.

6) Joseph marries Mary, keeps her a virgin until the son is born and he calls him Jesus, 1:24-25.
Why was it so important that Joseph married Mary and call her baby’s name Jesus?
Does it matter whether Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the virgin? Why or why not?

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