God exalts his servant to save

November 2, 2014 Speaker: Gary Series: God Meant it for Good: a study of Joseph's life

Scripture: Genesis 40–41

God meant it for good: a study in the life of Joseph
Genesis 40-41
God exalts His servant to save
God exalts His suffering servant in order to save the world

1) Pharaoh’s servants are distressed at having dreams without interpretation, 40:1-8.

2) Pharaoh’s cupbearer tells his dream and Joseph interprets, 40:9-15.

3) Pharaoh’s baker tells his dream and Joseph interprets, 40:16-19.

4) The dreams turn out as Joseph had said and the cupbearer forgets him, 40:20-23.

5) Pharaoh has two dreams and none of his wise men can interpret them, 41:1-8.

6) The cupbearer tells Pharaoh he had a dream in prison and Joseph interpreted it, 41:9-13.
Describe how God’s in His providence has been at work in Joseph’s life so far. How does this encourage you as to how God may be at work in your life?

7) Pharaoh quickly consults Joseph, who says God will give Pharaoh a good answer, 41:14-16.
What is significant about the way Joseph answers Pharaoh in v. 16? What can we learn from Joseph’s example?

8) Pharaoh tells his dreams to Joseph, 41:17-24.

9) Joseph says Pharaoh’s dreams mean seven years of famine will follow seven years of plenty, 41:25-32.

10) Joseph counsels Pharaoh to appoint a wise man to store up food for the famine, 41:33-36.

11) Pharaoh exalts Joseph, appointing him to his service over all Egypt, 41:37-46.

12) Joseph stores up abundant grain during the years of plenty and also has two sons, 41:47-52.
What is the significance of the names Joseph gives to his sons? How might the name meanings apply to your life?

13) The whole earth comes to Joseph for grain during the seven years of famine, 41:53-57.
What is the theme of this passage? How is this theme fulfilled in Jesus? How does this encourage us in our suffering? in our future hope?

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