God with us in adversity

October 26, 2014 Speaker: Gary Series: God Meant it for Good: a study of Joseph's life

Scripture: Genesis 39

God meant it for good: a study in the life of Joseph
Genesis 39
God with us in adversity
God is with us to do good to us and through us in adversity

1) Because the Lord is with Joseph, Potiphar puts him in charge over all he has, 39:1-6.

What is the reason the author gives for Potiphar’s entrusting all he had to Joseph and for Joseph’s success? What are ways we can apply this to our lives?


2) Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce Joseph, but he refuses in loyalty to his master and God, 39:6-10.

What can we learn and apply from Joseph’s convictions and the way he persevered in faithfulness to his master and God?

How do you think Christians today are doing in upholding and living a biblical view of sexuality and marriage? (1 Thess. 4:3; Hebrews 13:4). What should we do?


3) After Joseph flees her advance, Potiphar’s wife accuses Joseph of attempted rape, 39:11-18.

Describe the ways Potiphar’s wife distorts the truth of what happened.


4) Potiphar puts Joseph in prison and he is put in charge of all for God is with him, 39:19-23.

Joseph has done the right thing, in spite of repeated solicitations to sin. How could God let this happen to Joseph after the injustice done to him by his brothers? How could God allow him to suffer injustice again when he had persevered in doing right under repeated temptations?

Why did the warden so trust Joseph? So what is the main message of this chapter?

In light of the main message of this chapter, how should we think about our times of adversity and prosperity? How should this impact our attitudes, actions, our prayers?

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