The Cost of Discipleship

February 23, 2014 Speaker: Gary Series: Commitments for a Healthy Church

Scripture: Luke 14:25–14:35

Commitments for a Healthy Church
The Cost of Discipleship
Luke 14:25-35

1) Being Jesus’ disciple means loving Him above all others. Luke 14:25-26.
2) Being Jesus’ disciple means willingness to be rejected for following Him. Luke 14:27.
3) Being Jesus’ disciple means counting the cost of following Him. Luke 14:28-32.
                                 Two Illustrations:
               a. Building a tower. Luke 14:28-30.
               b. A king and his army. Luke 14:31-32.
4) Being Jesus’ disciple means giving up your rights to all you have. Luke 14:33.
5) “Disciples” who don’t value Jesus above everything are useless. Luke 14:34-35.




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