Unity in the Gospel

September 22, 2013 Speaker: Gary Series: Study in Galatians

Topic: Gospel for Life Scripture: Galatians 2:1–2:10

Gospel for Life: A Study in Galatians

Unity in the Gospel

Galatians 2:1-10

Christians have unity in the gospel but diverse mission contexts


1) Paul presents his gospel to the other apostles to confirm they are unified, 2:1-2.

2) No one compels Titus, the Greek who was with Paul, to adopt Jewish religious customs, 2:3.

3) False brothers can infiltrate the church to enslave people to external religion, 2:4.

4) We must not compromise the gospel in the slightest way so as not to lose it, 2:5.

5) There was one apostolic gospel so there is no place for gospel adjustments, 2:6.

6) We have unity in the gospel yet we minister it in diverse mission contexts, 2:7-9.

7) Gospel mission should be accompanied by eagerness to minister to the poor, 2:10.

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