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Bible study: Revelation

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Bible study: Revelation

In most Christian circles, the book of Revelation is either wildly popular or is completely avoided. For some, the book provides a detailed code for unlocking clues to the end times; for others, the book is just confusing and even frightening. In this Sunday evening study, we will discover that the book of Revelation is vitally important for the Church today. In the book, we are shown that our God will defeat his foes, save his people, and restore all things. Revelation is not an end-times riddle to be unraveled, nor should its contents simply be avoided. Instead, its purpose is to challenge Christians to resist worldly compromise, spiritual complacency, and false teaching, encouraging embattled believers to persevere in faithful witness and hope in the present and future reign of the Triune God. Furthermore, the book of Revelation exposes the true nature of the world’s ungodly political, cultural, economic, and religious system destined for destruction, reorienting our worldview and values around God’s eternal kingdom.

September 15, 2019

Week 2 - Revelation study

Speaker: Matt Quintana Series: Bible study: Revelation Scripture: Revelation 1:1–1:20