Due to COVID-19, we will be hosting both outdoor services (CLICK HERE) and streaming live (CLICK HERE) as well.

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Contact information for Youth Pastor Matt Eldredge


What does Youth Group look like right now?

Youth group is currently being held outdoors on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30pm. Information on specific activities and what students need to bring will be updated here and on the event page.


Wednesday, August 12th at 7-8:30pm: Activity TBD

Wednesday, August 19th: NO YOUTH GROUP

Wednesday, August 26th: NO YOUTH GROUP

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How do I get in contact with a small group leader?

If you need to get in touch with your student's leader about upcoming youth group events or discussion groups, here are the leaders for the age groups:
Middle school girls:
Julie (360) 909-7133 & Shelby (360) 473-9661
6th & 7th grade boys: Brandon (360) 949-3029
8th grade boys: Joel (360) 609-5311 & Ben (971) 563-1830
Freshman & Sophomore girls: Hope (360) 609-9333
Junior & Senior girls: Gypsy (360) 624-4652
High School boys: Christian (360) 690-6510 & Alex (360) 460-5126


Harvest Youth Group Podcast

Conversations with Harvest Youth Group students during the Coronavirus Quarantine.
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What does youth group normally look like?

reading Bible

We exist for students to meet Jesus, grow in their relationship with Him (through Bible studies, service opportunities, discipleship, camps/retreats...), share his love in action and truth, and worship Him in everything we do.

We meet on Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm at Harvest. This group is available for students in 6th grade through their senior year of high school. Most Wednesday nights consist of teaching from the Bible, time in small groups for discussion, fun games, and time to hang out to encourage and enjoy one another.Harvest Community Church Website Shoot © Narrow Path Photography - printing, posting rights granted to Harvest Community Church-8996

Our volunteer youth staff is made up of adults who are committed to following Christ, attend Harvest, have a heart for youth, and have time to pour into their lives. If you're interested in working with youth, contact Matt to see what is involved or you can click here to begin your application.


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Current Wednesday night teaching

Come and See

Belief in Jesus is a process. While many people believed in Jesus, we see that Jesus' constant invitation is to deepen their belief by exposing their "belief boundaries". During this series, we will primarily follow the disciples and attempt to "walk in their shoes" as we hear Jesus' invitation to them as if it were an invitation to us. We will see that this invitation always commands a response: it will either cause them to doubt or deepen their belief in Him.

The hope is that our students would hear the invitation of Jesus to "come and see" who He is, recognize where their belief in Him may be shallow, steadfast, or non-existent, and then embrace the process of Jesus exposing our belief boundaries, to ultimately fill us with a deeper belief in Him. 


Discipleship Groups

Christmas girls

 One of the most important goals for this next school year is to have more opportunities for students to meet in smaller groups with an adult volunteer to grow in their relationship with Christ. If you want to be part of a group like this talk to Matt or any of the staff to find out what is available. 



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